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[11/?] bittersweet sixteen

Author's Noe: Hiiiiii! Here's the new chapter! I'm so sorry if I wasn't fast enough. I got a bit busy as always T_T Anyway, this chapter is basically a FLASHBACK on Yifan's part. I mean HOW THE HELL DID HE FIND OUT THAT ZITAO'S HIS SON, right??? Well, it's not really much of a surprise. There's only one person who could've told him /sideeyes Yixing/ ;p But I hope you'll enjoy this chapter because I did~ ^^

11 - Slips & SecretsCollapse )

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[oneshot] anaphylactic shock

Author's Note: Written for yifantasy. Enjoy! :DDDDD

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Rating: PG 13
Summary: Yifan almost "killed" Lu Han three times in three consecutive days. It's going to be a tragic and romantic affair indeed.

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Yifan stares intently at his monitor clock while tapping his foot on the floor, agitated.Collapse )

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[oneshot] speed dial # 1

Author's Note: Written for taobeis. I hope you enjoy it! :D

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Rating: PG 13
Summary: Zitao is in search for true love, but Jongin thinks he's barking at wrong trees and decides to take the matters into his own hands.

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[10/?] bittersweet sixteen

A/N: Happy new year! I'm so sorry if I wasn't able to update right away. The last update was back in November. After that, I spent the whole month writing a novel for a writing program (this program's challenge was to write a 50k-word novel within November). So, I focused on that and put my fanfics and reading aside. After November, I spent December reading. I promised to read 50 books last year and since I put reading on hold during November, I had to catch up and finish the challenge. Now, those two things are over - Whew! - and I can go back to my fanfics again :D I hope you'll love this new update and I'm sure the title of the chapter is enough to tell you what happens here ^^

10 - Revelations & TwistsCollapse )

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[9/?] bittersweet sixteen

Author's Notes: I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT TO POST THIS CHAPTER HERE! UGH! I updated this back in November in time for Yifan's birthday. Tsk. I'm so sorry! T_T

09: Wishes and FutureCollapse )

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[6/?] beneath the daydream

Author's Note: Hello, guys! Sorry for being long gone in this fic~ I was supposed to update earlier but I decided to change some things in the new chapter :) Hope you like it!

Chapter 06: Fix the DamageCollapse )

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[8/?] bittersweet sixteen

Author's Notes: Hello, everyone! I'm so sorry if it took weeks for me to get back here. I was just working out on some oneshots T_T Also, I sort of started something again which I'm hoping to finish soon /crossfingers/ Anyway, I hope you'll like this. First chapter where there's Kris and Lu Han without going wild! LOL XD Also, more heartfelt moments between Lu Han and Taozi at the end ^^

08: Adjustments & QuestionsCollapse )

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[5/?] beneath the daydream

Author's Note: It took three nights to type this whole thing. Whew! Finally! Now, this is an eventful chapter compared to the last one. This isn't how the story played in my head at first and I tried to fight against it for a while. However, maybe this is for the best :) There's a bit of smut btw...I wasn't planning to include smut in this fic but I guess it can't be helped ;p Enjoy!

Chapter 05: Reveal the SecretCollapse )

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