[oneshot] anaphylactic shock

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Rating: PG 13
Summary: Yifan almost "killed" Lu Han three times in three consecutive days. It's going to be a tragic and romantic affair indeed.

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Yifan stares intently at his monitor clock while tapping his foot on the floor, agitated.

4:59 PM.

5:00 PM.

Everyone in the office gets of their seats and leaves their desks. Yifan is one of them. Unlike the others, he does not head to the exit. He goes further back in the office and corners Minseok. His best friend. Usually, Minseok will stop by his desk so they can leave together. However, at this time, Yifan knows that the other man will do everything in his power to get away from him right now. Yifan does not understand what is wrong though.

Yifan just wants Minseok to set him up with his cousin.

Lu Han, Minseok's cousin, is probably the most beautiful person Yifan has met recently. Minseok had been talking about him for weeks since Lu Han called him that he will be flying to Seoul for a job. Minseok offered his apartment for Lu Han to crash into for as long as he wants. His enthusiasm rubbed off Yifan, making Yifan interested to meet him. However, upon seeing Lu Han with his own eyes, Yifan's interest turned into a full blast crush.

The guy is an absolute angel.

Lu Han entered the coffee shop that morning. Yifan almost did not see Minseok beside him.

“Seriously, Yifan?” Minseok groans when the taller man blocked him in his cubicle.

“I just want you to set me up with your cousin,” Yifan tells him, looking down at him.

“If you love your life, you should just stay away from him,” Minseok advises as he pushes Yifan away, “I promise to look for someone who will be more perfect for you.”

“Your cousin's perfect,” Yifan says as he walks alongside Minseok, “I never pegged you as an overprotective type.”

Minseok laughs, and replies, “I'm not overprotective. I'm just being a good friend. That says a lot because I care about your well-being over his.”

Yifan grins and latches himself on Minseok's shoulders. “Is he a heartbreaker? Does he have notorious ex-boyfriends?” he jokes.

“He's a pain in the ass,” Minseok says, shaking his head.

“I can handle that,” Yifan tells him, making Minseok groan, “I'm a big boy, Minseok, come on.”

Minseok stops in his tracks and looks at Yifan. Seriously. “He's complicated,” he says.

Shrugging, Yifan replies, “Everyone is.”

“That's not what I mean but...” Minseok trails off as he takes a breath, “fine, I'll give him your number.”

“Yes!” Yifan cheers, jumping off his feet and throwing a fist into the air.

People turn to them and Minseok feels embarrassed as hell. He is about to walk away. Unfortunately, Yifan pulls him into a bone-crushing hug.

--- --- ---

Friday night. 7:00 PM. The day and time when Yifan will have a dinner date with Lu Han.

Ever since Minseok agreed to give Lu Han his number, Yifan has been on the clouds.

Excited and “in love.”

Lu Han called him right away. For a couple of nights, they spent an hour or two talking on the phone and Yifan would always go to bed with a dumb, goofy smile on his face.

“I'm so sorry, did I make you wait too long?”

Yifan, who is leaning against his car, stands up straight at the sound of Lu Han's voice. The shorter – beautiful – man is smiling apologetically at him and Yifan swears he has never seen something so adorable. “No, I'm fine,” Yifan replies, hoping his smile does not look so creepy.

The night before, on the phone, Yifan suggested that they should eat dinner at the seafood restaurant near Lu Han's workplace. Lu Han has to stay at his office for another hour and Yifan does not want him to worry about rush hour traffic anymore. After gushing out how sweet he is, Lu Han agreed and started spazzing about how delicious the restaurant's dishes look.

“Shall we go, then?” Lu Han suggests as he hooks his arm around Yifan's, causing the taller man to blush, “I can't wait to devour their shrimps.”

Sure enough, when the two of them settle on their table, Lu Han immediately order their shrimps.

“Are you a seafood afficionado?” Yifan teases after sending the waiter away.

Lu Han laughs.

Yifan is hypnotized.

“No, not really,” Lu Han answeres as he leans forward, “but when you don't eat something a lot, they become super appetizing.”

Yifan chuckles.

While waiting for their orders, Yifan decides to ask Lu Han about his job. Lu Han is a graphic artist in an advertising agency. He tells Yifan about their latest project – an advertisement for a brand of condom.

“My boss keeps turning down my suggestions because they were so lewd,” Lu Han whines while Yifan glances around to see if anyone is listening to him, “but it's for condoms, for goodness sake! What does he expect?”

Yifan thinks an old couple turns their way but he hopes he is wrong. Fortunately, their orders arrive and Lu Han instantly goes quiet at the sight of the shrimps. Like a kid, Lu Han squeals and immediately grabs his utensils. Yifan quickly serves some shrimps on the other's plate and Lu Han cannot hide his thrill.

Lu Han does not waste another second and begins consuming everything.

Yifan watches Lu Han enjoys himself.

Then, Lu Han starts coughing.

“Are you okay?” Yifan asks, thinking Lu Han may be choking for being too excited with his food.

“I'm – I'm fine,” Lu Han answers in between his coughs.

Yifan would have already let it go. However, he notices that Lu Han has starts scratching his hands. Also, rashes are coming out of Lu Han's neck.

“Shit,” Yifan curses when he realizes what is going on.

Yifan panics and calls for help and asks the restaurant staff to call an ambulance.

--- --- ---

Yifan is helping Lu Han drink some water when Minseok arrives. They are in the hospital. Thank goodness for the immediate response from the restaurant and hospital, Lu Han was able to get medications right away. The coughing and the itching subsided even though the rashes remained. Lu Han whined about them but Yifan assures him that they are not as bad as they were earlier.

“You wouldn't be complaining about those ugly spots on your face if you weren't so dumb,” Minseok says, annoyed. He has his arms crossed in front of his chest. He is glaring at Lu Han. Sharply. Yifan can feel the imaginary blade at the tip of his tongue.

“I just want to eat some shrimps, what's wrong with that?” Lu Han mumbles, pouting at Yifan. All Yifan can do is give him an apologetic smile. Those puppy eyes are going to be the death of him.

“You're allergic to shrimps!” Minseok exclaims in disbelief.

“That doesn't mean I should stay away from them!” Lu Han argues, annoyed, “You're freaking up like my mother!”

Minseok sighs in frustration and turns to Yifan. “I'm sorry, man,” he says as he places his things by Lu Han's feet, “I promise to call you for updates.”

Even though he is reluctant to leave, Yifan nods and places the glass of water on a table beside Lu Han. “I'm sorry, I didn't know,” he says, looking at his friend.

“He's right, Minseok,” Lu Han agrees, calming down, “it wasn't his fault.”

Minseok rolls his eyes and decides to ignore his cousin to just focus on Yifan. “Of course, it wasn't your fault,” he tells Yifan, grinning, “thanks for getting help he needed but maybe you should call the mental hospital next time.”

“Hey!” Lu Han protests.

Yifan laughs.

“Now, you know that he's an annoying brat,” Minseok adds, grabbing a pillow to press it against Lu Han's face.

“Shut up!” Lu Han exclaims as he pushes the pillow away.

Yifan gives a weak chuckle and pats Minseok on the shoulder before bidding Lu Han goodbye.

--- --- ---

Yifan wakes up with a terrible headache. He had trouble sleeping the night before as he could not stop thinking about Lu Han in the hospital. Fortunately, by midnight, Minseok informed him that they got out of the hospital already and relief washed over Yifan and sleepiness took over him immediately.

Even if Minseok told him that he does not blame him for anything that happened, Yifan still feels responsible. So, wanting to make up for what he did, Yifan decides to visit Lu Han in the morning to check up on him.

With some clubhouse sandwiches and a box of fresh milk in a lunch bag, Yifan heads to Minseok and Lu Han's apartment. Lu Han greets him enthusiastically the moment he opens the door and pulls him quickly inside the apartment he has been into a lot of times before while rambling about starvation and cousins who are good at cooking but choosing sleeping over his well-being.

“Good thing I brought something,” Yifan says as he places the lunch bag on the dining table and takes out the contents one by one, “milk and sandwiches!”

Lu Han gasps in delight, clapping his hands together. “You are the best!” he exclaims and wraps his arms around Yifan's waist.

Yifan does not have the chance to react as Lu Han instantly unlatches himself from him and runs to the kitchen to get some plates and glasses for them. He cannot help but beam at Lu Han as he finds this child-like behavior too endearing.

“Give me some!” Lu Han demands like a kid eating cake for the first time and Yifan picks up one sandwich for Lu Han's plate.

Lu Han has just taken his first bite of his sandwich when Minseok enters the dining area and sees the two of them with sandwiches and milk.

“Hi?” Lu Han greets with a mouthful of sandwich.

“No!!!” Minseok screams and grabs Lu Han by his shirt to the kitchen, “Spit it out! Spit it out!”

“What's going on?” Yifan asks, panicking. He watches Minseok manhandle Lu Han in the kitchen sink.

“He's allergic to wheat,” Minseok tells him as he slaps Lu Han on the back, “he's also lactose intolerant, so please throw the milk away.”

“Minseok!” Lu Han whines, his head still down on the sink.

“Spit it out!” Minseok demands as his cousin's ears, leaving Lu Han without any other choice.

--- --- ---

Yifan throws his cellphone on his bed. After the chaos that morning, Minseok politely asks Yifan to leave so that he can “straighten his cousin out.” Yifan feels bad for almost causing Lu Han another trip to the hospital, but Minseok assures him that it was not his fault. Minseok is right though. Lu Han could have told him that he cannot eat wheat bread and drink milk.

Still, Yifan feels awful.

To make up for it, Yifan calls a flower shop and orders a bouquet of lilies to be delivered for Lu Han the next day. He just hopes that Lu Han likes flowers.

Sunday is all about watching Sci-fi movies all day to get Lu Han out of his mind. He is already in the middle of his third movie when his phone receives a text message. It was Minseok and Yifan groans in frustration in the pillows near him.

“Lu Han's allergic to pollens, Yifan. I don't know what to make out of this anymore. Are you trying to kill my cousin? Hahahaha!”

The phone beeps again and Yifan reaches for it even though he is not up for reading any text from Minseok anymore. With a pillow covering half of his face, Yifan opens the new message as if Minseok has sent him a bomb to kill him for endangering his cousin three days in a row.

“I had to dispose the flowers. Sorry. But I took a picture for him! He loves flowers very much!”

Better than nothing?

Yifan rolls his eyes and throws the pillow away. He thinks nothing can be worse than this and turns off his TV so that he can go to his bedroom and bury himself in failure.

--- --- ---

“I told you he's complicated,” Minseok says while Yifan just picks on his food.

They are on their lunch break and Yifan has been so down after the flowers incident yesterday. He feels like hiding from Lu Han forever. Make that from the whole world. It does not matter whether Lu Han loves flowers or not. Maybe he should have asked Minseok at first about everything. Still, he really likes Lu Han. Should he just propose a long-distance relationship? In the same city? To avoid accidentally killing him? Why does this have to be this complicated?

“I'm going back to the counter,” Minseok says, standing up, “'I feel like having some fries, do you want anything?”

Yifan shakes his head. He is not really up for anything. Minseok nods in understanding and leaves him for awhile. Yifan feels like a total loser. A six-foot giant loser, moping in the corner of a fast food chain.

Before Yifan shuts his world around him completely, his phone starts ringing. He finds Lu Han's name on the screen. Just like that, it seems that he has just not jeopardized Lu Han's health for three days in a row. Excitement starts running in his veins and he cannot help but smile.

“Hey, how are you?” Yifan greets as he finally takes his first bite of his food, “I'm sorry for the flowers.”

Lu Han chuckles, and says, “I'm good and, yes, I'm sorry about that too. They're really lovely though.”

“I'm glad to know that,” Yifan replies as he tries to search for Minseok at the counter. Sadly, there are a lot of giants in there, obscuring his vision.

“Can I say something?” Lu Han asks, serious and nervous.

“Sure,” Yifan answers, curious.

“Look, I'm really sorry for everything,” Lu Han says, which surprises Yifan – he does not seem really guilty for everything these past three days, “I'm sorry from the shellfish, the sandwiches and milk, and the flowers...” he adds as he takes a deep breath, “it's just that...I'm allergic to a lot of things and I'm a total freak of nature so...I thought it might turn you off?” he continues, making Yifan confused, “I just...I just really like you, okay? I thought I could hold them in and hide them from you forever, which is really stupid of me.”

Yifan smiles as Lu Han laughs at himself for his silliness. Is this guy just the most precious being in the world or what? Yifan chuckles, and says, “There's no need to do all that, Lu Han. I won't like you any less just because of some stupid allergies.”

“Really?” Lu Han asks, happy, “So, does this mean that if I invite you over, will you come?”

“Of course,” Yifan answers, grinning, “I'm going to ask Minseok what I should bring for you though, it's going to take some time getting rid of these trust issues I have towards you right now.”

Lu Han bursts into a bout of laughter. “Fried chicken and pizza with lots of meat,” he says after calming himself, “check with Minseok, he'll tell you they're my favorite.”

“If you say so,” Yifan quips with a smirk that Minseok sees as he walks back to their table.

“I'll take care of the drinks,” Lu Han tells him, proud.

“Sure thing,” Yifan replies and ends the call as Minseok sits back down on their table.

Sighing, Minseok says, “Just spill it out.”

--- --- ---

With Minseok's confirmation, Yifan arrives at their apartment with chicken and pizza for their dinner. Lu Han opens the door with the same enthusiasm as before and takes the foods from Yifan's hands. He sniffs the boxes and cries in delight at the smell of bacon as walks to the dining room. Yifan cannot help but follow Lu Han with caution.

“You surely love anything that doesn't live underwater,” Yifan comments, grinning.

Lu Han glares at him, and says, “They're the most important thing in my life, okay? I'd literally die without them.”

Yifan laughs.

“So,” Lu Han starts as he claps his hands together, “I prepared something that you should try before we get to dinner.”

“What is it?” Yifan asks, curious.

Lu Han skips to the kitchen and comes back with a pitcher of dark liquid and two wine glasses. “Minseok loves this, so don't tell him I made it tonight so that he'll be surprised, he's still in the shower, by the way,” he explains as he puts everything down on the table, “you have to taste it first before I tell you what's in it though.”

Yifan raises an eyebrow. “You're going to kill me with these speech. Just give me a glass now.”

Giggling, Lu Han pours Yifan a glass of his special beverage and gives it to him. Yifan accepts the drink and swirls it around with his hand before taking in its scent. “Smells good,” he says as he notes something fruity and strong from the dark concoction. He can already guess that there is alcohol in it.

“I bet you don't know what's in it,” Lu Han says, proud.

“It smells dangerous,” Yifan comments with a smirk, “I can know from here that you have after-dinner plans, I wonder if Minseok will be fine with that.”

“Oh, trust me, don't worry about him,” Lu Han says with a wink as he shamelessly sits on Yifan's lap and locks his hands at the back of Yifan's neck.

Biting his lower lip, Yifan places a hand at the small of Lu Han's back and pulls him closer. “By any chance, can we go straight to it?” he suggests, making Lu Han giggle, “The food can wait.”

“Why don't you drink that up and we'll see,” Lu Han says, directing Yifan's hand that is holding the glass to Yifan's lips.

Complying, Yifan takes a huge gulp of the drink. Him being excited is an understatement. He is too excited that he drinks everything from the wine glass in one go. He is about to make a show of how he finished it in one go when he starts coughing and heaving violently.

“Oh my God!” Lu Han screams as he gets of Yifan's lap, “Yifan! What's wrong?”

“Can't -” Yifan gasps, clutching his collar, “breathe!”

“Oh, shit! Shit! Shit!” Lu Han curses in panic as he loosens Yifan's tie and unbuttons his polo, “Minseok!!!”

Instantly, Minseok steps out of the shower with just a towel around his waist and sees Yifan turning red in their dining room. He storms over and notices the pitcher on the table. “Fuck, Lu Han!” he yells as he scrambles out of the dining room to call an ambulance.

--- --- ---

Yifan opens his eyes and gets blinded by the bright white lights in the bright white room. He can smell a ridiculous amount of medicines and isopropyl alcohol. It does not take much longer for hi to realize that he is in a hospital. Confused, he turns to his side and finds Lu Han playing games on his phone. Angrily. Yifan wonders if his phone screen will survive his finger's wrath.

“Hey, why so pissed?” Yifan asks. His voice raspy.

Lu Han looks up at Yifan and they hear his player dying in the game.

“You're awake,” Lu Han says, relieved.

“Yeah,” Yifan replies as he shifts his position on the bed, “I feel like I'm chained on this bed, can you help me sit up?”

Shaking his head, Lu Han puts his phone aside and goes to Yifan's bedside to adjust the bed and make him feel comfortable.

“You look awful,” Yifan comments as he stares at Lu Han face.

“Well, karma's a bitch,” Lu Han tells him, pissed off, “I was planning to get you on my bed tonight, not on a hospital bed, but obviously it didn't succeed.”

Yifan laughs and pulls Lu Han closer to him so he can sit by his side. “I can't remember what happened,” he tells Lu Han, rubbing his temple, “it's kind of hazy.”

“I gave you some stupid drink,” Lu Han answers and Yifan nods, “it's coke mixed with strawberry vodka and something else – I'm not going to tell you what it is even if you're here in the hospital – but it sorts of lessens the smell of everything,” he explains, pouting, “you wouldn't have gotten some if you knew...I should've told you instead of teasing you.”

Chuckling, Yifan pulls Lu Han closer to him and kisses him on the cheek. “I got a faint smell of alcohol, I should've asked if it was vodka,” he tells him as he tucks some hair behind Lu Han's ear, “I got really excited, so I didn't think of doing it.”

Lu Han groans and buries his face on Yifan's chest. “You had an anaphylactic shock, moron!” he explains and Yifan wraps his arms around him in apology.

“I'm sorry but don't worry anymore, okay? I'm fine,” Yifan tells him as he kisses the top of Lu Han's head, “I think...we should give each other a list of all the things we're allergic to so that we don't end up killing each other.”

“You think we can work out?” Lu Han asks, looking up at Yifan, “You still want to go out with me?”

“Why not?” Yifan asks, grinning, “It's going to be a tragic and romantic affair, don't you think?”

Lu Han shakes his head with a smile. “One thing's for sure though,” he says as he moves closer to Yifan, “your name won't be on that list.”

“Yours too,” Yifan replies with a smirk as he brings his hands to hold Lu Han's place and pulls him for a kiss.

Suddenly, the door opens and a groan of frustration fills the room, making Lu Han giggle in mischief.

“Seriously?” Minseok asks, annoyed, “Can't you wait until you're at Yifan's apartment?”

Yifan chuckles and kisses Lu Han deeper.

“Fine! Whatever!” Minseok exclaims, stepping out of the room and banging the door close behind him.

Lu Han moans in the kiss and smoothly climbs the bed to straddle Yifan's lap. “Your place sounds good,” he says as he leans his forehead against Yifan's.

Yifan hums in agreement and toys with the end of Lu Han's shirt. “Do you think we can get out of here” he asks, smirking.

“Let me talk to your doctor,” Lu Han says as he places a light peck on Yifan's lips before jumping off the bed to storm out of the room.

--- --- ---


--- --- ---

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